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Creation Nation Makerspace is your hub for turning ideas into reality. Our 24/7 membership grants unlimited access to top-of-the-line tools, including a woodshop, 10 3D printers, and CNC machines. Whether it’s personal projects or business prototypes, our expanding facilities support endless creativity and innovation, helping small businesses thrive and contributing to the local economy.

Explore Our Makerspace

Sound Booth

Our 8×12 Recording booth is a great spot to start your podcast, turn your book into an audio book or even build a YouTube channel. The possibilities are endless!

Electronics Area

Are you wanting to build an Arduino or Raspberry Pi project? We have the tools you need.

3D Printing area

As with most areas in the Makerspace the only limitation to 3D printing is your imagination.
You can print functional items, knick knacks and event prototype a new Jet engine if that’s what you need to do. There is no limit to what can be created!

Design Studio

There is so much in the design studio that it could be a website on its own! In this area you can create so many things it will make your head spin. In this area there is almost nothing you can’t customize. The best thing I can say is do the training and learn how you can do it all! Shirts, hats, mugs, signs and keychains to name just a few.

The Woodshop

The woodshop is a popular area in the space with so many creations being realized. As with all the areas in the space our community of makers are always willing to help out if you are trying to figure out the best way to do something for your project. This part of the makerspace demands attention, it is definitely a major Jewel of the space with all the tools that we have. Come check it out and start ticking things off your Pinterest wall today!

The Assembly Area

This part of the space is a dedicated area to assemble your project. In here we have all the clamps, glue and hand tools that you need to finish that project.

Well Ventilated Finish application Room

We have a well ventilated room dedicated to applying paint and stain in the space. This is a room that after you apply your finish you can close the door and keep the dust and debris off your project while it dries all while evacuating the nasty fumes outside.

Laser Cutting/Engraver

The Laser Room in the Makerspace is a SHOW STOPPER! With our 2 130 watt CO2 lasers we have the ability to cut and engrave most non-metal or fabric items… so that leaves it pretty open to what can be done in this room. If you like a challenge, go to Chez Angela’s and look around to see of you can find something that was done on the laser. Once you find it take a picture and Tag us on social media. This is another room that will help your Pinterest list get shorter!

CNC Router

Like most things in the space if you don’t have experience using it the CNC router can be a little intimidating, but don’t let that feeling hold you back! There are so many amazing things that can be made with the CNC router. We have just added a 4-foot by 8-foot machine to this room. This addition opens up the possibilities for what can be done in this room. Furniture and cabinetry to name a couple.

The Metal Shop

This area of the Space is new and has a few items to get you started on your metal working Journey. We will be adding to this room as we can grow to our members needs and wants in this room. This room has a CNC Plasma cutting table, Flux core mig Welding and pipe bending right now, however the plans for this room will blow your mind!

Check out our space.

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One of my favourite places in Brandon. Russ is doing a fantastic job making the vision of what a makerspace should look like come into being.
Mark Shymanski
Mark Shymanski
Google Review
What others thought of

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John William
Manager at Furniti
What others thought of

Sed id cursus cras viverra vivamus in orci. Neque vitae, tellus lacus aliquet amet id. Sed vitae pharetra posuere fermentum in diam volutpat. Sem velit tellus, eget senectus bibend

John William
Manager at Furniti